What You Will Get

Campers Aren't The Only Ones Learning and Having Fun

Working at Charlotte Day Camp is fun and it is incredibly rewarding! You will work extremely hard, but the connections you make with peers and campers will create life changing experiences. You will gain real world skills that you will learn and apply beyond your time here at Charlotte Day Camp.

See how our team members grow from their Charlotte Day Camp experience:


Leadership Training: No offense to your college textbooks, but working at our camp is the “real deal.” Getting a group of children to listen, respect, trust, and believe in you requires a unique skill set. We conduct in-depth orientations before camp begins and provide ongoing training and feedback throughout the summer.


Friendships: And not just with the campers…Counselors establish lifelong friendships with one another every camp season.


Practical Experience: Are you contemplating a teaching, social work, or child-care career? You’ll find out whether you have the patience, personality, and skills to do so after one camp season—guaranteed!


An Unforgettable, Challenging, and Rewarding Summer: There is nothing more gratifying than making a positive impact on children’s lives. There’s a reason our team members come back to Charlotte Day Camp each summer—their lives are altered by their camp experience.


Starting Salary for Group Instructors

Group instructors receive a salary of $350 per week. Salary can adjust upwards with relevant experience and skills.


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