What You Will Do

Helping Campers Grow

Camp is about working together to create an exceptional experience for the campers. With that in mind, here are some of the specific responsibilities we give to our instructors:

  • You’ll take responsibility for the health, well-being, and happiness of your campers.
  • You’ll recognize and create opportunities for growth, learning, and fun in your camp groups.
  • You'll bring enthusiasm and creativity to each activity. 
  • You’ll model positive dispositions and transfer skills so that your campers can learn from your example. 
  • You’ll have a blast each day at camp, and you'll make sure that the campers do too!


Counselor Position Descriptions


Group Instructor

College students and young (at heart) teachers. Each group of children is led by a Group Instructor who fills the role of parent, friendship coach, teacher, and social worker as needed. The Group Instructor is the true leader of the group, responsible for everything from attendance to overall happiness. Instructors will facilitate activities with the support of lead instructors. 


Lead Instructor

Lead instructors are experienced teachers and adults. Lead Instructors help with the planning and execution of program tracks. They have management and supervisory experience. They are focused on team success and coaching Group Instructors to provide the best experience and growth to our campers. 


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