What Will I Do At Camp?

You're going to have a blast this summer! 

Every day will be a little different, but you can count on some of the following elements each day: 

  • Morning Free Play
  • Morning Assembly
  • Choice Activities
  • Themed activities based on your program track
  • A special guest, event, or field trip
  • Outdoor fun at a local park
  • Plenty of camp games and silliness
  • Group activities and/or challenges
  • Making new friends
  • Hanging out with our awesome counselors
  • Afternoon assembly

Because our campers have different personalities, we strive to incorporate activities that will appeal to a broad range of interests. We incorporate sports, projects, group games, and learning activities to appeal to all campers. Our staff know each camper by name and work to facilitate friendships between campers as well. 

Early drop-off starts at 7:45am, when free play and group games start until everyone arrives by 9:00am. Once all our campers have arrived, we begin with a bang and we don't stop until the last camper takes off! Every day will include general camp activities, program track activities, a trip to the park, lunch, snack, and free play. The pickup window is from 4:45-6:00pm, and campers had better rest up to be ready for another full day at camp!