Design Thinking

The tool kit we will be using to help campers invent a new sport or game is known as Design Thinking. Design thinking is more than a process, it is a core set of ideas that will teach your child a powerful way to take on projects, work in a team, and change the world.

Design Thinking Ground Rules


Design Thinking Stages

Design Thinking Process Horizontal

Design Thinking is an approach to problem solving that starts with understanding the problem or question in detail and carries all the way through the implementation (and testing) of a solution. The stages can be repeated as iterations to maximize what the group is learning throughout the process.

Learn more from the Stanford Institute of Design


Does this process work at a summer camp for kids?

Design Thinking is a perfect approach for learning in a camp setting because it is based on utilizing all of the resources in a group! It is also fun because it is based not on having the perfect answer all at once, but rather on learning, revising, and trying again. 

Developing this kind of persistence nurtures a willingness to tackle challenging problems, which is a critical life skill. Campers also love approaching projects this way because each team member has a chance to learn from the process and to contribute to the final product.