Science Lab Camp

Humans love to wonder, and that is the seed of science.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Can you build the tallest tower or the most unsinkable boat? Can you make a helium balloon hover in midair without tying it down? Can you predict which objects are the densest or most buoyant?

Find out all of the above and more during our Science Lab camp. Each day we choose a scientific topic, explore concepts, and apply them to projects that help campers gain functional understanding of the scientific principles. 

A functional understanding of science is a lens into the way the world works. It helps campers develop real world intuition and the ability to make predictions about the world around them. This camp is all about seeing and doing!

Example Activity: Boats and Buoyancy

How do giant ships float while tiny pebbles sink? We will introduce the topic of buoyancy and explore different kinds of floating vessels before jumping into our very own boat-building challenge. 

Small groups of students will be challenged to build a boat or raft with a certain set of materials that can hold the most weight before capsizing. We will then measure the weight to determine how much water was successfully displaced. Finally, the group will talk about what boat-building strategies worked well and what didn’t, and may even do another round where the whole group designs a “super boat” applying what we learned from Round 1.

Program Goals

We want every camper to come away with a positive science experience. It doesn't matter if science is your favorite subject or something you find a little scary. It is our goal to meet campers at their level, provide them with an age-appropriate challenge, and help them understand how science applies to their world.