What Makes Charlotte Day Camp So Great?
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Charlotte Day Camp creates a uniquely valuable summer enrichment program because we are built on a strong Outcomes Focus. We don't just put programs together and hope for the best. There are three specific Program Outcomes that we design our camp to achieve for every camper: Growth, Learning, and Fun (GLF). 

When we say Growth, we mean helping campers build positive, healthy, and productive dispositions. Learning is all about practicing skills that are critical to success in the 21st Century. And Fun is something we do all day every day at camp. Growth and Learning don’t happen without Fun, and we don’t consider camp a success unless we have achieved all three.

Growth: Building Positive Dispositions

One of the greatest outcomes we can achieve in education is to help children build positive, healthy, and productive dispositions. Dispositions are traits that can be described as inherent qualities of mind or character. Examples of these traits are independence, confidence, and courage. Positive dispositions give children an important advantage as they navigate the trials of school, social life, and growing into the best versions of themselves.

Our camps help children build positive dispositions by creating environments where these traits are modeled for them. We hire and train some of the best role models out there, and we build a community where positive dispositions are modeled every day. We coach campers to an age-appropriate extent, and we even design activities around practicing both skills and dispositions. 


Learning: Practicing Transfer Skills

The are certain skills that most experts agree will be necessary to succeed in 21st Century — we like to call them “transfer skills”. Transfer skills are sets of skills that allow for someone to thrive in an unfamiliar environment (i.e. transfer their knowledge, attitudes, ways of thinking, etc, to a new situation that they have never seen before). These skills include communication, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, leadership, and resilience.

Just like any skill, transfer skills are developed through practice, and we make sure that campers get plenty of practice. All of our activities are designed with at least one transfer skill in mind, and usually more than one. If a counselor wants to try a new activity at camp, we make sure they can articulate how it will help campers practice a particular skill. The best part is that campers are typically having so much fun that they don't even notice that they are practicing critical skills!

Fun: We Can't Seem To Stop Having Fun!

Of course, none of the above actually happens at camp if campers aren't having fun while doing it. Fortunately we can make sure that every day at camp is full of fun! Our campers spend all day doing fun activities, making new friends, and spending time with counselor role models. It really doesn't get much better than that. And that's a good thing, because we know that to take Growth and Learning seriously, we have to make sure that Fun comes first. 




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