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Sunday , March , 26 , 2017
Register For Camp

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When you click the Register button below, it will open a new window where you will take the following steps:

  1. Create a login for yourself on our registration platform, CampDoc.com. 
  2. Verify your contact information and create a "New participant" profile for your camper.
  3. You'll then be directed to your camper's profile where you can select "Register for a new session". 
  4. Just follow the prompts to register for your selected sessions. That's it!

A couple of more things to be aware of:

  • You can create a "New Participant" profile to add another camper at any time by clicking the button in the left hand column.
  • If you don't see a session listed, it may be that your camper doesn't fall in the eligible age range for that session. See our Dates and Rates page for age eligibility for each session.
  • Give us a call if you have any questions! You can reach us at 704-750-5866.