Welcome to Charlotte Day Camp!

Charlotte Day Camp is an enriching camp environment that focuses on creating Growth, Learning, and Fun for every camper. We have operated in Charlotte since 2011. We invite you to learn more so that you can determine whether we are a good match for your summer plans. 

Roadmap to Learn More:

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Three Different Program Tracks to Meet Your Needs

At Charlotte Day Camp, we want to make the choice easy for you. We offer a variety of programs that can cater to any interest. We organize our programs into three "tracks", and you can mix and match as much as you want from week to week. We encourage you to try them all! 

Cultural Explorers: Explore the world without ever having to leave Charlotte! This program track chooses a different country or culture to explore each week. Immerse yourself in the games, language, stories, foods, and dances of some of the most exciting places on Earth. Available to ages 5-14.

Project Challenge: Each week we select different kinds of projects and challenges for campers to explore. Whether it's Science Lab, Leadership Initiatives, Theater Camp, or building your very own community service project, you're sure to have a blast and build new skills in the Project Challenge Track. Ages vary by week, see Project Challenge page for details. 

Game Theory Camp: Do you love strategy games and using your imagination? We use board games and card games to teach skills like strategic decision-making and resource management. If you're more into imaginative role-playing games and story telling, join us as we create entire worlds of characters, obstacles, and achievements. Available to ages 8-14.