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Sunday , March , 26 , 2017
Project Challenge Track

The Project Challenge Track is an opportunity for campers to explore different learning areas in a hands-on way. We create projects and challenges that are fun and allow campers to actively engage with the topic.

Our goal for each program in this track is for every camper to learn three things: (1) something about the subject area, (2) a “transfer skill” that can be applied anywhere, and (3) that the subject can be fun to explore, regardless of how naturally it comes to that camper.

The Project Challenge Track is for campers who love a topic and want to explore it deeply, or for campers who simply want to have a positive experience with a topic that is relatively new to them. Either way, every camper will finish the week having experienced some kind of Growth, Learning, and Fun related to the week's project or challenge.


So What Is Each of the Programs?

Good question! Here's a quick description of each activity week. Click on the name of the program to learn more. 

Theater Camp: The world is your stage! Play drama games, learn improv activities, and create a mini-production by the end of the week. 

Science Lab: Can you build the tallest tower or the most unsinkable boat? Science Lab is all about using basic science concepts to build a project to achieve the task at hand. 

Leadership InitiativesWhat's the best way to build leadership skills? Practice! We spend this week playing group games and doing leadership initiatives. The activities vary to test different skills and there are enough so that every camper gets a chance to perform each type of role. 

Change the World Camp: Groups of 12-14 students go through a Design Thinking Process to create their own community service project. Then each groups gets a $400 budget and executes their project by the end of the week!

Experts and Their Passions: It can be captivating to watch an expert share a skill that he or she has honed over years or decades. We bring in one such expert each day and ask them to share their passion with us at camp. 

Charlotte Explorer Week: Come explore Charlotte with us! This is a special program for the last week of the summer. Each day we take a different field trip to explore the Queen City. Come see a baseball game, visit a museum, and have a week's worth of adventures around town.


What if I’m not “good” at that?

This track is designed to create a great experience for kids in a particular area of learning. If the subject area happens to be the one that doesn’t come most naturally to a camper, that’s okay. Remember the goal: to develop a positive piece of knowledge, skill, and/or disposition about the topic. Every student benefits from a positive association about a topic, especially when they have previously felt weak in that area. If we can even just create a positive memory or story about a topic, that goes a long way.

As an example, one of our camp directors has always struggled with foreign language. An otherwise excellent student, he never had a truly positive experience with it in school, just frustration and at times embarrassment. We suspect that far too many students go through school and never have a meaningful or memorable positive experience in a particular subject area.

We think camp is the perfect place to change the association a camper has with a tough subject. First, our counselors make everything fun. But the other cool part is that we design projects that are fun regardless of the result. If the hypothesis of the science project isn’t met, that’s okay. If the leadership role isn’t perfectly fulfilled the first time, nobody’s keeping score. “Failure” is only “failure” if nothing is learned and no fun is had, and we can guarantee that both learning and fun will occur.