Welcome to Charlotte Day Camp!

The Charlotte Day Camp program is built around camper Choice. Our program combines traditional camp activities with project-focused theme weeks to create an experience that matches campers' interests. The camp day will be full of fun activities, friends, food, and new experiences. 
You can read more about a Typical Charlotte Camp Day here. 

Choose A Theme

Themed projects are the highlight of our camper choice program. Campers choose a theme every week of camp they attend.  When campers choose a theme, they will be signing up for unique, age appropriate projects that help them explore the theme topic further.

The camp day is organized around these themed projects. The daily schedule provides ample opportunities for campers to dive deep into the themes they have chosen. 

Theme Categories

Themes fall into three theme categories, which are named Cultural Explorers, Project Challenge, and STEM Skills.

  1. Cultural Explorers: Campers explore a different country or culture each week
  2. Project Challenge: Campers work together to accomplish a different team projects and leadership challenges.
  3. STEM Skills: Campers learn age-appropriate elements of math and game theory through strategy board, card and RPG games. 

Campers enjoy picking and choosing theme weeks between the three categories to create a varied summer.

How it Works

When signing up for camp:

  • Campers sign up for a theme every week they attend. 
  • Every week has up to three theme choices.
  • Each theme has unique weekly projects for campers to experience. 
  • The weekly themes only last for one week. Campers choose a new one each week.  


How to Get Started

We find families typically start by finding a theme that interests them or by looking at the dates they are interested in going to camp. 

Starting with Dates

If you already have several dates that are set for the summer, be sure to mark those off from the summer calendar and show your child what they can choose from each week. 

Starting with Themes

Some families start from the themes calendar and go through weeks with their children to build a summer that interests them. Begin by reading through the weekly project themes in the table below or on the Registration page to find ones that interest you most.